Accommodation & Amenities

5 Large Rooms, all on suite.

UMS mattresses - Slumber collection.

Fully equipped kitchen with all utensils and appliances.

Residents "office" work and computer room.

Car Park for 14 Vehicles.

In Door Swimming-Pool.


Linen provided.

5 Day housekeeping.

Laundry - washing, ironing & basic sewing of buttons & seams.

Close to 12-step meetings.

Close to treatment/out-patient programs.

Pool table and Gym

How long have you been clean and sober for? Use the NA Cleantime Calculator to find out:

There may be some confusion as to how we calculate cleantime. We do it exactly the same way that it's done in NA meetings:
1) If the cleantime is less than, or equal to, 90 days:
Here, we count days. Months and dates don't really come into play. This means that 30 days is actually 30 days. February 15th to March 15th is 28 days in a non-leap year, and 29 days in a leap year. You don't get 30 days until March 16th or 17th.
2) If the cleantime is greater than 90 days:
Here we count by dates. This means that February 15th to June 15th is considered 4 months and February 15th to August 15th is six months exactly. February 15th to August 31st is six months and 16 days. February 15th to September 1st is six months and 17 days. You don't have seven months until September 15th. February 15th to May 16th is 90 days, but February 15th to May 17th is three months and two days.


Here's a blast from the past.

As with many things, our views on substances, their risk of abuse, and the nature of addiction have changed radically over the last 100 years. Here are some dangerous drugs that were advertised and in most cases freely available to the general public.